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Friday, March 2, 2012

Kamron Doyle and Friend Aaron Ruiz on Disney at age 12

Kamron Doyle and Friend Aaron Ruiz on Disney at age 12! I knew these names rang a bell. My girls watch the Disney Channel all the time. I remember watching this on tv. It is part of the "getcha head in the game" segment of the Channel. Very cool stuff. Disney sure can spot talent or what?

14 year old cashes out in US Open and has his own basement alley!

14 year old Kamron Doyle cashes out in US Open and has his own basement alley! Yes it is true. Kamron has a bowling alley down his basement. But does he have a Kegel Oiling machine? That is the real question!

My favorite part of the article on US Bowler is Kamaron says "I heard how tough it was from my ball driller, but i didn't believe him. I do now." Trust your Driller! Words to Live by!

Read the full article on page 8 of US Bowler Click here

Brent Dolan

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

13-3 win after the US Open Played at our house!

Well the US Open is over at the famous Brunswick Zone Carolier in North Brunswick, New Jersey. By Tuesday night you would of never known the US Open was even there. Everything was back to normal, clean and ready for business.

With all that being said. Our team took advantage of the week off and rested. No practice (which isn't unusual for me) and rest those sore knees and bad backs. We did pretty well our first night back to our doubles winter season at the Blue Moon Doubles.

Tom Dolan bowled really well with a high game of 242 and a 615 scratch series. It felt good to see him back in strong form and well rested. Tom rolled his 14lbs (recently switched to 14 from 15lbs) Marvel Pearl by Storm Bowling There really might be someone about this 14lbs ball. I been considering it myself. Anyone else out there try? Drop a comment in the show comment box below.

I was able to hold my own with a high game of 214. I was able to try a new line and throttle back because Tom basicly had the game in the bag. I struck when I needed to and really had a good team win. I rolled both the Storm VG Nano and Storm Victory Road.

Brent Dolan

watch videos of the bowling balls rolled in our league here

Storm 14lb Marvel Pearl ->>> Click here
Storm 15lb Victory Road ->>> Click here
Storm 15lb Virtual Gravity Nano ---> Click here

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Super Bowl and Super Bowling well kinda.

In my previous post. I posted that I went to the Super bowl to see my NY Giants win their 4th Super Bowl in Super Bowl 46 (lets see how many times I can get "Super Bowl" in this post)

Well we got back from the Drive to Indy late Monday night. We backed it up with bowling on Tuesday night. I guess we where still amped from the Super Bowl (drink) 46 win. We bowled pretty damn good. Tom Dolan bowled a scratch 602 with his Storm Marvel Pearl . I Bowled with my Storm Virtual Gravity Nano (both balls mapped out by Tony C at Big Daddy's Pro Shop )

See Recap sheet below. (i blacked out the other teams names because there is no need to know who they are. They where nice guys and no one likes to loose 16-0 and they still said congrats)

It was a great week. I almost don't want it to end.
Brent Dolan

To see video of the Storm Marvel Pearl click here to watch video
To see video of the Storm Virtual Gravity Nano Click here to watch youtube video

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Can't Spell Eli without MVP

Well back from the Super Bowl. (and no i don't mean bowling) I was blessed to be able to get tickets to the Super Bowl and see my favorite team the NY Giants win it all!

It was even better that I got to share the experience with my Dad. It was awesome.

The People of Indianapolis where so nice. Their city was super clean and the Lucas Oil Stadium was unbelievable.

I can only hope that Met Life Stadium (aka Giants stadium =)) can do half as good as a job as they did. Hats off to them and Congrats to the NY Giants on their 4th Super Bowl win!


PS i made this little photo in honor of Eli's 2nd Super Bowl MVP

Saturday, January 28, 2012

VIDEO: Chris Barnes shoots 300 at @USBC Masters in match for top seed

Congrats to Chris Barnes on Rolling a 300 game to become Top Seed in this years USBC Masters. Chris long time team member of columbia 300 dropping all 12 frames all ten back =) The ball I think Chris was rolling was the new Columbia 300 DARK ENCOUNTER . Chris just a month ago rolled a 300 with the Dark Encounter at the PBA World Series of Bowling (to be aired in March 2012)

More info on Chris Barnes

More info on the Columbia 300 Dark Encounter click here.

Brent Dolan

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

101.4 fever to a 265 high game.

Won last nite with 101.4 fever. It was a struggle but was able to with 10 1/2 points to 5 1/2 points. (i tied in total wood) My high game was 265 in the 2nd game. My opponent bowled a 257. It was a battle. I rolled my Storm Bowling Victory Road. My Doubles Partner Tom bowled his Storm bowling Marvel Pearl. He is still rolling solid with that ball. Here is a quick video of that ball and Tom Dolan Rolling it.

Brent Dolan